Curious Materials Workshops

Material Intuition offers workshops on a wide range of curious materials to anyone who would like to learn about the materials that might be soon changing the way the world works. The workshops are hands on experience that give everyone involved a chance to really experience what the materials have to offer. These workshops provide a unique way to gain knowledge on emerging and underused materials in a way that is enjoyable and not data heavy while at same time revealing the full capabilities and limitations of the materials.

You can download a full information pack here.


Past Material workshops

The workshops have been provided to a wide variety of different groups listed below are some of those who’ve benefited.

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What can you gain from a workshop?

  • Hands on interaction with the latest and most interesting materials on the market
  •  A chance to discuss the potential applications of these materials with a deep knowledge base.
  •  Connections to materials that will differentiate your products from anything else on the market.
  •  Materials specifically chosen to meet your companies needs and wants.

What is needed for a workshop?

Make a little space in your office or workshop and time in your calendar! Currently these workshops are require only a small donation to cover the costs and allow me to continue my PHD. If you want to arrange a workshop get in contact and based on your specific interests I will curate a selection of materials for you and head over to you for a workshop lasting up to two hours.


My background

These workshop have been successfully completed at UCL’s institute of making and Material Intuition has been invited to further workshops with Material Connexion and the IOM3 as well as presenting to design companies with a variety of backgrounds. The workshop is intended for a small of groups to enable everyone the chance to sample the materials and ask questions freely.



If you want to arrange a workshop contact me at