Baltex Spacer Fabric

thin warp cover

This polyester is warp knitted and is something quite special. There’s next to nothing making up the material but it still is very supportive and flexible. This is due to the weaving which is quite complex but holds together exceptionally well while also being very supportive.Made by Baltex the fabric is designated as a spacer fabric and weighs about one kilo per meter squared (being about 2cm thick). It’s quite the weight saving for a very supportive material with much less weight than similar foams.

Warp thin

The warp knit is very supportive, barely bending under considerable weight.


  • High support/ low weight
  • Low material use
  • Durable weave
  • Excellent breatheability.
  • Can be compressed in certain angles.
  • Can be recycled as is 100% polyester

warp thin2

If compressed across the weave it folds up into a very small area.

Manufacture & Fabrication

The production of 3D weaves has only hit the mainstream recently. It can be woven in a variety if different shapes and dimensions with different softness’s built in. Baltex’s site advertises the weaves can be produced with the materials listed below.


warp 3

It comes in multiple thicknesses and patterns

Durability & Sustainability

The sample I have is made from a strong polyester and is going to resist most damage beyond sharp implements like a knife. The fact it is being used in military and aerospace applications gives more testament to it’s endurance. As for sustainability the material is all one plastic, because of this it is easy to recycle as there is no separation needed.


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