This pressed wood sheet is made from 100% celluslose fibre. Coming in sheets it can be cut and shaped like wood or drawn and embossed like metal sheets. 

Wellboard has a pleasant texture and resistance the minimum thickness option is very flexible while the maximum option is surprisingly rigid though still easy to bend with just your fingers. The material is notable for it repeating weave pattern which you can see and feel on the surface. The material feels like a very tough cardboard but with an added hardness.


  • Totally organic material
  • Comes in mulitple thicknesses
  • Flexible but still
  • Can be deep drawn and embossed which is not possible with some cellulose based materials.
  • Is semi-fire retardent and can be easily treated to be more reistant to flame.
  • Light Weight


  • Edges damage easily separating threads.
  • Structure can be damaged by over-bending.
  • Comes only in corrugated form.


Manufacture & Fabrication

The material is manufactured from a lattice of cellulose fibres which are heated and pressed into shape making the material. This is extremely efficient as it requires no binders which means the material does not suffer from any chemical breakdown. As for fabrication it works very similar to any other wood and is suitable for use with the glues that would work with most woods.

Durability & Sustainability

The material is durable but over time can get a little furry as the fibres start to abrade if the material is left in an environment that encounters a lot of interaction. It also won’t hold up to immersion in water or very humid environments for extended periods due to it’s structure as the cellulose fibres may swell. As for sustainability ti’s perfect for composting and will break down in any regular compost bin.

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