Visiting the Central Research Laboratory


Today I was invited to see the Central Research Laboratory. It’s an incubator for start up companies which are trying to make something physical, not just apps or services the CRL really wants to support those companies putting out tangible products.

It was a really nice space and I met some of the people who are working on the really cool concepts they’ve got in development. I was visiting to try and find out if we could do some mutually beneficial testing. I need to teach people to improve my research and the CRL teams are hungry for knowledge. We talked over lunch and I managed to crack open my bag of tricks and show off a few new materials to the companies who were free. It so happens a couple of old university friends are working there including Solveiga of Bump Mark fame a design that used degrading proteins to provide a much better alternative to sell by dates,

CRL workshop

As it was we were able to pick a day to meet up but I just thought I’d cover what a good space it was to visit. I was really impressed with their shared workshop space as it was about the most well laid out and tidiest I’ve seen. I’d recommend contacting them if you’ve got an idea that needs some support as they only officially launched last week though the space has been running for a little while.


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