Schott Xensation


Schott’s glass is flexible, highly scratch resistant glass which a competitor of Corning’s more well known Gorilla Glass.The glass is as clear as any other glass but when you pick it up flexes like a stiff plastic. I feel constantly worried when flexing it that it’s going to suddenly snap, though that’s not because of the material feeling low quality or anything it’s just unnatural to feel that flexion in a glass product.


  • Extremely good impact resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • High hardness
  • Easy to process in current industry tech.


  • Higher cost
  • Limited thicknesses available
  • Specialized for application on phones and other mobile devices


Manufacture & Fabrication

Schott’s glass is a specialized alumino-silicate glass. It can be brought in large sheets but it’s in most other regards very like other forms of glass. It can be processed normally but low quality processing may introduce weaknesses that impact it’s performance.

Durability & Sustainability

Xensation is a very durable material, high scratch, impact and flexion resistance make it a perfect material for long term usage though no matter how carefgul you are glass can be broken. Thousands of broken screens can attest to this, currently theirs no word on it’s recycleability. While glass can be recycled better than pretty much any material on the planet if certain chemicals are added that recycling is no longer viable. Currently I am trying to find out more about the material to understand if this is possible.

Find out more at Xensation

Below is a video by Adam & Jamie it’s a fun advertising piece for Gorilla glass which is different but very similar to Xensation. Honestly I’d recommend watching it if you want to understand how this glass is different to others on the market. It’s also a great intro to glass in general

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