Havana Dimensional Lumber

Bamboo Lumber

One of my favorite wood like samples this material feels like a hard wood lumber, it has the weight and the hardness but is made from bamboo.The Havana is really nice to hold, and unless you look for it the origin is completely hidden. So far not a person I’ve given it to has guessed it was anything other than wood. The material is currently sold by the flooring and veneer company Plyboo and is a really nice wood alternative.


  • Rapidly renewable
  • Hard
  • Strong
  • Durable


  • Use of binder limits recycling options


Manufacture & Fabrication

The material is made from fibres of bamboo of varying sizes pressed together with a binder. The material can be worked like regular woods and comes in a number of options including 2″ x 2,” 2” x 4,” 2” x 6,” 2″ x 8,” and 4” x 4”

Durability & Sustainability

The material is durable due to it’s construction. Currently I haven’t tried to wear the material down but the quality of binder and the durability of bamboo will probably keep the material from showing wear very effectively. Sustainability wise the material is great at the source but the recycling surfers the same issue that all materials relying on binders has which is it makes recycling harder. However the material may compost over time thanks to it’s high bamboo content.

Find out more at Plyboo




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