Graphic Concrete


This concrete is impregnated with special inks that stop the surface from curing, allowing for intricate patterns to be created changing the surface texture.Beyond the the ability for fine control which is very useful graphic concrete looks interesting and is very tactile with the combo of smooth and rough concrete. Graphic Concrete allows other materials to be exposed like the sample I have, where due to careful layering the inks expose the gravel in the material.


  • Single production process
  • Capable of complex shapes.
  • Very durable imprint
  • Can do different ‘pixel’ concentrations on large surfaces allowing for production of grey scale images.


Being used for signage on bicycle path

Manufacture & Fabrication

The process is proprietary and they are not sharing it currently, the ink comes on film that can be applied to concrete sections. The ink stops the concrete curing for a few millimeters below the surface and then the uncured concrete can then be blasted off with a high pressure wash.

Durability & Sustainability

The process can’t be properly examined but the end result is very durable great for signage on walkways with a life span equal to that of carved or patterns pressed into the conrete during the curing process.

Find out more at Graphic Concrete

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