Curv self-reinforced polypropylene



An interesting take on fibre reinforced materials, this polypropylene sheet is reinforced with a lattice structure made from polypropylene.The sheets are stiffer and stronger than regualr polypropylene while retaining a waxy and mostly smooth texture. The big bnefit of the Curv material is that it can bre recycled as it is a single homogenous material unlike most fibre composites which are difficult to reuse


  • Single material production
  • Can be shaped like regular polypropylene sheets.
  • Stiffer and stronger
  • High Impact resistance
  • Fully recycleable


  • Increased cost
  • Not as strong as true composites


Manufacture & Fabrication

The material is made from strands of woven PP pressed into homogeneous sheet of PP. It is easy to manufacture in the same way as regular plastic sheeets being suited for pressing processes and vacuum forming though any processes that exceeds the melting point of the PP will destroy the fibre reinforcement as the heated area becomes a homogeneous mass. Follow the link here to see how it compares to regualr PP.


Durability & Sustainability

The reinforced PP is more durable to a variety of impact and abrasions than regular PP and can withstand more damage. It is also just as recyclable as regular PP making the material suitable for a lot of green projects as PP is one of the most recycled plastics out there.

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