Bright Green


Bright Green is an awesome preserved moss where all the water has been replaced with glycine so it does not decompose.It’s feels like like a cross between a living organism and a rubber plant, but it think that’s mainly the dryness. As for colour I’ve had it on my table for couple of months now and it’s showing no sign of degradation.  The moss is very pleasing to look at and anyone who wants a perfect green sign look no further.


  • Totally Organic material (it’s even still based in earth)
  • Strong green colour
  • Stable won’t degrade over time.
  • Can be made fire retardent.


  • Sunlight will eventually impact the materials colour.
  • Cannot stand up to much touching as it somewhat delicate, fine for occasional touch but high traffic areas would quickly destroy it.
  • Quite expensive between £300 and £500 per meter squared.


Moss 2

Manufacture & Fabrication

As described the water is removed from the moss exactly how this is accomplished they don’t say. It can be cut and trimmed and seems to be able to be chopped up like polystyrene blocks but the will be complications, I would recommend the use of hand tools to shape it to ensure the least amount of damage to the moss.

Durability & Sustainability

Durability wise the moss is stable to everything but light, the sun will slowly bleach out the colour this is not to bad in open environments but direct sun facing walls may require some protection. It will also I imagine be negatively effected by high humidity environments due to it’s earth base. Sustainability wise it’s a little bit of interesting discussion, I imaagine it would break down if surrounded by other decomposing material however I currently cannot guarantee that.

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