Luminoso is a really satisfying material to behold, the light punching through the apparently solid wood grabs your attention immediately. I really recommend you watch the video on this page to see it in action.


  • Has fibre optic channels in wood allowing light through.
  • Solid construction has a real wood feel with no apparent issues with surface.
  • Comes in different woods.

This video gives you a great idea of how the material functions.


  • Made from different wood sections
  • Very consisitent lines which are visible in surface pattern at short¬†distances.


Manufacture & Fabrication

Comes from an Luminoso in a set series of shapes and measures and the production is a patented process. However the it seems to be layers of spaced fibre optic filament along where slat of wood have been glued together. It porccess like rgular wood but can be weak along the joints so is not suitable to very large products unless supported.

Durability & Sustainability

The actual wood is durable¬†as you might think, the fibre optics unless deliberately clogged will continue to function, meant for decorative purposes Luminoso will serve it’s application perfectly well for years. Sustainability wise the Luminoso does consider itself as green as it is only wood, fibre optics and glue but combining the wood with in recycling processes may be more difficult because of the fibreoptics, however it will naturally degrade.

Find out more at Luminoso

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