Expanding the material library


Yesterday was a fun day, my friends over at the Materials Council dropped off the materials Library they have been preparing for Brunel. I felt like a kid at Christmas getting to open my toys. Pictured above is an awesome non-reflective coating for glass which seems to make the glass almost disappear only one of the many amazing samples I got my hands on. I’m going to go through the materials we received over the next few days(there’s a lot it’s going to take a while) but some highlights that already stand out are the Luminoso wood. A wood with fibre optics embedded between sections to create wood you can see light through, it’s a beautiful effect which isn’t really done justice in this photo.



Then we had kaynemail, an architectural chain mail. There’s something I love about chain mail, maybe I’m just a swords and sorcery fan but something abut the linked ring feels great to play with. Kaynemail is special because it’s all made in links, rather than having split links that are later sealed, this makes it very strong and much easier to produce.


Then we have Scintilla’ reflections, Lumina and Pixa collections, these tiles have light channels introduced that that distort and move light, shining light int them produces some really interesting effects.


I’ve keep discovering new things I haven’t unwrapped and being fascinated with it all so be prepared to see a lot more materials appearing on the site over the coming weeks. This materials selection was all put together as part of the Materials Council’s push to develop useful libraries for companies and universities, I’m already enjoying having one and I’m looking forward to developing it’s use with students and companies. I’d recommend talking to them if you want to find out and maybe get hold of some of these amazing materials.

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