Surface Design Show

Surface design show

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Surface Design Show, the event was great, there where plenty of people with new materials to talk to and I got my hands on a few awesome samples.

The Surface design show is mainly aimed at architectural innovations and solutions which means most of the innovations are in application, durability or the aesthetics. There where some great stalls and I won’t discuss them all here but will cover a few I found particularly interesting.

Bright Green – Preserved moss walls

Moss 2

Bright Green produces Moss walls and signage from living moss. The picture above shows one of their samples which is not fake but a formerly living piece of bun moss. Bright green preserves the moss by removing all the water in the moss cells and replacing it with glycine which stops the break down of the material. The moss looks and feels very satisfying and if it looks fake in the picture I assure you it looks very real in person.

Metalier Coatings

Metal airplane

This was by far the most surprising thing to pick up at the show. This is a paper airplane coated with a metal coating, it flexes easily, I can fold it and it’s not worn out at the creases(though I’haven’t played with it too much). Metalier has metal coatings that for all intensive purposes completely fooled me, they had plaques and sampels liek this which felt so much like metal you only knew from the weight that it wasn’t. They suspend paint in a binder and then apply it, the metal particles settles close to original material surface and leaves a layer that can be up to 95% pure metal. This one is steel and I can stick magnets to it.

metal airplane

Metalier Airplane partially unfolded

Outside of materials I saw some really cool artworks and light based installations from Nick Jackson with his back lit photography, and work from Glartique who showed me some very cool effects with engraving and lit mirrors. I would really reccomend attending and will definitely be going next year.


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