Coffee based materials

Coffee cover

So for a while I worked packing freshly roasted coffee beans into kilogram bags. After packing my ten thousandth kilo it was fair to say that the amount of coffee the world consumes had sunk in. Coffee though creates grounds which are to most people a waste product. However some entrepreneurs are trying to imagine a different end for coffee.

Coffee as a material

Coffee grounds actually make a great base for new materials their small size makes them perfectly suited to inclusion in composites. They need to be dried out first but after that it’s plain sailing. A great benefit of this production is that all the materials keep that wonderful coffee colour.So what are the options in the world of coffee based materials.

Coffee Based

The very directly named Coffee Based company produces a number of small samples. These are made into bowls or lamps but they are currently trying to expand their operation.


Then there is a similar material named Decafé by Raúl Laurí. This made from coffee grounds pressed with a secret natural binder in a process that’s patented. The product coming out of this work look wonderful and I recommend you go take a look.

Then there is the 3D printing filament option from 3dom that offers a coffee based printing solution which is called ‘Wound Up’ which I have to admire. There’s a little video below.

All these materials aren’t really rated for anything beyond a decorative usage but then again they do have a wonderful colour and texture. However all these materials offer a potentially more sustainable world where we throw away less.

Credit for pictures

Cover photo Jeff Kubina

Coffee Based Photo Materia

Decafe Photo Raul Lauri

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