Surface Structured leather

Decorative leather with a thin layer of polyurethane embedded in the top of the leather to improve abrasion resistance and grip. The leather has the lock and feel of regular leather but embeds a huge amount of


  • More durable than regular leather especially to abrasion
  • Improved water resistance.


  • Impossible to replace coating after damage
  • May interfere with normal leather care products.


Manufacture & Fabrication

Can be shaped like regular leather and doesn’t really change, the thickness and texture is controlled by the manufacturer. The polyeurethane layer is 0.15mm thick and can be applied to textured leather with ease. The are 12 different common samples but nearly any patterning is feasible within reason.

Durability & Sustainability

While the plastic makes the leather last longer in some application it reduces the ability to care for the leather with traditional products which can cause issue if tarnishes happen in parts of the surface exposing the untreated leather next to the treated leather.Leather can be sustainably sourced but the polyurethane will impact it’s ability to compost and will make the material less environmentally sound.

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