Photochromic pigments

Pigments that react to light by changing colour on exposureThe pigments can be mixed into plastics or varnishes and change colour after while exposed to UV light. The colour changes are gradual but failry swift with about 30 seconds in direct sunlight being enough to change from one colour to another, though that depends on the exact type of pigment and the material they are embedded in. The colour tend towards the more pastel with vivid colours either impossible or hard to obtain.


  • React to Uv light going from one colour to another
  • Quickly transition back to their original colour.
  • Can be embedded in many materials


  • Even small amounts of light initiate the change so the material’s resting colour is┬árarely seen.

Manufacture & Fabrication

Comes in a powdered form. The colour is decided at the point of manufacture, the pigment can be included in either clear varnishes or some clear plastics.


The photochromic reaction is long lasting and the material will continue to function for long periods of time however eventually they may lose their functionality though this highly depends on the use and the ink selected.

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