Organoids decorative coatings

A pressed collection of organic material held together by an organic binder which allows the natural scents to be released.This stuff smells wonderful, even a small sample on my desk is radiating a vanilla like scent into the air. This is a decorative material and is mainly used in displays and can be treated to be durable to abrasion if it needs to be where people are like to rub against it. The material untreated can be pulled apart as unlike chip board it is not pressed into the same density keeping a lot of the definition and texture from the material it is composed from.


  • Flame resistant
  • Emits scent of material component
  • Unique tactile feel/appearance
  • completely environmentally sound.
  • 500 different materials to choose from..


  • Vulnerable to break down from abrasion.
  • UV sensitive.


A quick summary of some the materials available to use.

Manufacture & Fabrication

Is a high pressure laminate and can be pressed onto wood, textile, paper ,metals and plastics, though the flame retardation may be lost. Has a variety of 500 different materials available to be part of material. The material can be shaped with wood working tools effectively like any other wood laminates.

Durability & Sustainability

The material has few issues when it comes to endurance while it can be treated due the varying material content it is susceptible to damage by abrasion. The laminate is made from organic materials which in some cases may be considered waste materials and are completely renewable and the material will compost very well leaving no toxins from the bonding agent.

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