Intumescent Foam

Foam that expands when exposed to high heat and after exposure chars stopping heat conduction. This foam is primarily used to protect buildings from fires as it allows for airflow in normal conditions but during fire expands sealing gaps and stopping oxygen flow. The foam is surprisingly spongy and cool to the touch, small bits of graphite can be seen in the material which is otherwise a dull reddy brown.


  • Rapidly expands when heated
  • After expansion chars absorbing heat
  • exceptional heat absorption
  • Varied temperature before expansion


  • One use only
  • Fire rating varies on material
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Needs whole to be removed after use.

Manufacture & Fabrication

Supplied in strips, blocks and a there are alternatives which come in spray form. It can be cut and shaped with a band saw and can be assembled with adhesives.

Durability & Sustainability

The intumescent foam will remain able to expand indefinitely the foam may however over time lose some of it’s flexibility. The material cannot be recycled or reused activated or not.

Please return later as the internet is sadly lacking in video of this material on fire.


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