Inkodye cover

Dye that activates under UV exposure and doesn’t easily wash out. This dye is used by a lot of arts and crafts people to print onto clothes and bags. It offers


  • Reacts to UV exposure activating dye
  • Dye is hard to remove from substance.


  • Consumed on use with potentially high wastage.
  • Requires careful use so as not to expose to UV light that activates the dye.



Comes with lots of colour options

Manufacture & Fabrication

The Inkodye comes in a bottle with a roller attachment. It can be spread like any other ink but only becomes permanent where it is left exposed to UV light, this can be done in the sun over time or using UV black lights.

Durability & Sustainability

The ink seems to last really well, staying on fabrics far longer than other inks that are available for home use. As for sustainability there is no real data available on the impact of the dye on the environment.

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Also cover image is from this Blog which writes more about the use of inkodye.

shibori vs. inkodye

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