Glass Foam

A highly insulating foam made from recycled glass which can withstand impressive temperature ranges. This material looks like block of grey dense packaging foam with a gritty grainy texture. It is made form about 60% recycled window glass and has amazing heat insulating properties. It is also has a very good compressive strength and  is very light. Unlike most other insulating materials glass foam will not combust and create smoke or gases as it remains stable up to 462º. Wjile safe to touch the gritty texture is from tiny glass particles so it is not suitable for direct exposure to consumers.


  • Can withstand up to 462C
  • Water/water vapur proof.
  • Good compressive strength
  • Does not create smoke or gases in house fires
  • Made form recycled window glass
  • Non-combustible
  • Great heat insulator


  • Dangerous to touch abrasion gives off tiny glass grains which can be dangeous to inhale
  • Not for direct interaction with consumers.


Manufacture & Fabrication

Can be cut using a band saw and glued with adhesives in brick like structures also for tubes and other shapes including domes. Does not suit fine shapes and while cutting workers must not inhale dust.

Durability & Sustainability

Made from 66% recycled window glass by heating the glass with a foaming agent within. Maybe possible to fine tune distribution and exact density of glass structure. It will last indefinitely with no issues of rot or degradation. The bricks can then be ground down to make silica and once again become glass.

More info at Foamglas


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