Fibre-optic fabric

Fabric impregnated with fibre optic strands, appears like a normal fabric lights up when led is shone into the fibres.This fabric looks like a grey shiny synthetic, and has a rough scratchy texture with the pattern of the fibre optic cables both visible and easy to feel. However when a light is shone through it lights up in an organic manner.


  • Channels light from one point to the entire material
  • Appears to be a normal fabric when not lit up.


  • Optical fibres can be damaged by sharp bends
  • Feels unpleasant

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Manufacture & Fabrication

The fibre optic fabric is woven into a polyester or other textile. The fibre optic fibres all take their light from a single source where the open ends of the fibre optic fabric are joined. They can be cut but the light travels in straight lines along the material.

Durability & Sustainability

The fibre optics are durable and will continue to function unless very sharp bedding angles introduce flaws or they have repeated and constant stresses.The fibre optics do not consume energy energy themselves and are fairly low energy to manufacture but currently have very limited recycling options with only one company doing it and only for large cable companies.

For more look at Lumigram and MidlightSun

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