Faraday film

Faraday cover

Faraday film is a clear plastic film that has a conductive coating that can be made into circuits by scratching the surface. This film is completely clear with a very light tint providing a way to create completely clear circuits. Printed on a stiff plastic like cellulose it can house small low power circuits and components.


  • Conductive
  • Can produce see through circuits
  • Scratches are all that is required to produce circuits.


  • Not suitable for high power use
  • Break down due to if constantly changing shape.
  • Absorbs some infra-red light frequencies.


The material can bend and flex easily

Manufacture & Fabrication

The production relies on an oxide coating, the thicker this coating the better the conductivity but the worse the transparency. The fabrication is very simple the plastic can be treated like a normal sample and cut to size. The circuits can be etched into the surface small scratches serve to break the connections and can create complex circuits.

Durability & Sustainability

The plastic which is coated in the oxide layer is not relevant as it can be changed. The conductivity can break down over time if the material is subjected to repeated stress.

Find out more at ECI

Here’s a very quick demonstration from Mindsets



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