Cool Morph (Modified Polycaprolactone)

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Plastic with a melting point of 42°C allowing forming. Allows forming at low temperatures and easy remoulding.



  • Very low melting point 42°C
  • Clear and easy to colour with dry pigments
  • Easily can be remoulded.
  • Springy nylon like feel.


  • Distinct Smell from plasticizer
  • Low melting point may also cause issues.
  • Sort may wear down quickly


Feels kind of like a smooth nylon, it manages to avoids taking on the small textures like those your finger may leave on it and has a somewhat cheap feel. However it is warm and not unpleasant to touch. Takes on any colour but while coming as transparent due the forming process doesn’t not make a completely crystal clear view as it’s often warped from the production process.


Can be fabricated at home, interesting because you can work it in your hands or press it into moulds designed for ice or confectionery. It is also suitable for many other termoplastics fabrication methods such as injection moulding. To make it molten all you need is hot water it doesn’t even need boiling.



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