Bare Conductive Paint

Bare Conductive paint cover

Electronically conductive ink. Functions like a wiring when dry  and can be painted on flat surfaces for quick results. 

Bare conductive was a recent start up that has gone from strength to strength. The has been a recent wave of conductive inks/paints and bare is one of the better solutions. In it’s dried from the paint can cold solder, draw circuit diagrams and be a touch interface. It’s quite cool but often sees little use outside of home electronics kits and art projects. It looks like a normal black paint. dries with a matte finish that’s pleasant to touch but what can it do.



  • Electronically conductive
  • Can be drawn with like a pen.
  • Can be layered, in-between non-conductive barriers (e.g put paint down, paint over with non-conductive paint, put more paint down.
  • Works with low powered electronics
  • Can bend with surfaces


  • Does not dry that quickly
  • Must be connected with regular components to to work
  • Cannot hold high power electricity
  • Is water based so will wash away.


Bare is safe on the skin and can be used for conductive henna to allow electronics on the skin

Manufacture & Fabrication

Produced by suspending a conductive power in a solution that allows the powder to conduct electricity when dry it works like paint becoming more conductive as it dries. Also while it might appear dry it may take some time (up to a couple of hours) to become completely dry.


Durability & Sustainability

The paint is non-toxic and while a summary of its components is not forth coming it does not appear to contain any processes that would be considered unsustainable. As for the durability it is stable and won’t easily degrade on it’s own but is water soluble. Repeated bending will slowly crack the material resulting in lower conductivity and eventually a complete degradation of the circuit.

How to guide/demonstration on how to make a simple circuit.

Find out more at Bare Conductive

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