Arnitel® ECO

Rape seed

Up to 50% of this stretch plastic is derived from rapeseed oil but it remains a strong and flexible plastic capable of withstanding high heats.


  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Elastic
  • Can with stand high temperatures including brief exposure to 200C enviroments
  • Future plastics will include renewable content of up to 73%
  • Food safe


  • Rapeseed oil is not necessarily socially sustainable, often being produced over food crops and in cleared forests.


This rubbery plastic is has good texture for gripping deforming nicely under the hand it can be textured to a products needs. It feels soft and pleasant and takes colour well. It looks more like a silicone material than a rubber material though.


This is effectively a traditional thermoplastic,they are suitable to injection moulding, pressing and coating techniques amongst others. It is also currently available as filament for 3D printer providing an elastomer alternative to most rigid plastics used in 3D printers.


Arnitel excel where ever rubber would make a good material. Current examples show it as




More details  at  DSM


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