London Design Festival


So I spent two days at events in the London design festival including a great series of talks at both the V&A and the Matter group.


The V&A hosted talks from the Object Agency talks from a number of designers and researcher where fascinating, Ilona Gaynor gave a really interesting talk on the subject of how objects can be given different affects depending on the materials which make them and how the design is becoming more important in the legal system. More about her work here

There was also an amazing talk from Thomas Thwaites given in a artificial goat exoskeleton,(finding it hard to picture see the image below) and how through objects we could fulfill ancient desires to be more animalistic from changing how our brains works to how we process food.More on his work here

breaker goat man

There was also a funny presentation from Alain Bellet from ECAL who presented a series of product from the ‘Delirious Home’ an experimental a series of products made by  students at ECAL to have a playful look at the smart home. The most interesting was a mirror that is ‘broken’ till you look into it and spoon that follows a cup as buddies.


I visited the Matter a new research studio in their temporary location and had a great time looking at some of their displays and listening in on a couple of talks. The first from Amy Congdon was about here work on developing biological designs, one of which is pictured below, a really interesting look at how we can design when we can’t hold or sometimes not even see what we are working on. More from her here.


The second talk was from Will Yates-Johnson who discussed his work on Polyspolia an attempt to make a product that was future proof through use of amterials. Will created his own material that can be broken many time over and not lose it qualities but instead gain detail and effects from the repeated breaking as each destruction adds new colors and patterns. The material had a plastic base but by including wood and stone he gave it a feel of a synthetic marble. More of his work here.


In between those two talks I went to the Maker Cafe down the road which had a great bit of gear on display SACK from the Happenstance workshop. A modular and sustainable bit of gear made from 3d printed parts and wood that can become a load of different products. I played around with it and was impressed by the sturdiness that if was able to produce plus the feeling like I was playing with a giant meccano set. More from them here

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