Dry-Inside has an apparently unique property, water can only move through it in one direction.
Dry-inside works because it is treated to be hydrophobic on only one surface, this makes a gradient that pushes water away from that side to the other side by wicking along the material fibres. The resulting effect means that the water will be pulled  through the material leaving the hydrophobic side dry . This allows it to move liquid water rather than just water vapor effectively making the hydrophobic side waterproof in one direction.

 breaker DRYINSIDE


  • Water only moves through in one direction
  • Actively moves water it is in contact with hydrophobic side to opposite side.
  • Does not affect how breathable a material is.
  • Treatment available for many textiles.


  • Not machine washable.
  • Not completely impervious to water.
  • Repeated washing will strip coating from material.

Manufacture & Fabrication

Dry inside is a coating that can be applied to different fabrics but is mostly found on polyester and other synthetics. It comes in treated rolls


Unfortunately while dry-inside is commercially available it does not seem to be in many products currently so instead below see how dry-inside works.



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