D3O is a material with a rare feature when impacted upon it becomes harder and more rigid while being flexible in it’s normal state. It has surged into the forefront of the protective clothing industry as a result.
 It comes in only orange but the rubbery plastic allows for thin flexible shapes to be made which massively increase the impact absorbing qualities of any product they are incorporated into.

D30 banner


  • Acts like a non-newtonian fluid.
  • Exceptional impact absorption
  • Flexible enough to be worn inside clothing.
  • Can be shaped into a number of forms.
  • Can absorb a very large number of impacts without becoming less effective.
  • Returns to it’s flexible state after becoming rigid.


  • Only produced by one company with no comparable competitors
  • Only comes in orange

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Is entirely controlled by the D30 company, it’s inclusion in products is also subject to their review. The shapes that are produced though seem to be processed by pressing the plastic.



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