Hybrix Steel


Super light steel composite, can be shaped and formed more easily by sacrificing some strength and hardness.

 Hybrix is an odd material to hold as it’s weight is entirely unexpected, the stainless steel laminate completely conceals the inner workings. The effect is like holding a plastic or aluminium sheet that you can clearly see is steel. The material is very rigid  but can be dented easily which results in damages that look far more severe than they are.


  • Almost as rigid as steel of same thickness
  • Can be shaped like conventional sheet materials
  • Can be bent and shaped after manufacture
  • Feels exactly like steel apart from weight


  • High cost
  • Not as strong as regular steel
  • Will not stand up to large impacts
  • Less availability

Manufacture and Durability

The hybrix steel comes in 1-2mm sheets and can be purchased in a super light version which is up to 90% air.The hybrix steel can be worked exactly like regular sheet steel which gives plenty of shaping options.

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[three_first]cabin hybrix Hybrix is perfect for designs that need light weight it’s most popular use is in aircraft cabins.
[/three_first][three_second]thumb imageThe steel works for display stands that need to be moved around but look appealing

[/three_second][three_third]steel case hybrixBecause of it’s superior forming processes it can hold interesting shapes that are not otherwise achievable [/three_third]

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What is deep drawing?

Deep drawing is a process that many materials are unsuitable for. One of Hybrix’s features is that it retains this ability despite it’s composite nature.


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