Carbon Fibre

A weave of carbon fibers in a resin creates one a material with one of the highest strength to weight ratios available.

Carbon fibre has the great feel of the space age world, it is one of those materials that is associated with speed and expense. The material itself has a wonderful pattern that is taken from the woven strands of carbon fibre. It feels smooth with just a hint of the texture beneath. It also feels flexible but only when you realise how thin it actually is do realise how rigid it actually is.


  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Rigid
  • Conducts electricity
  • Biologically inert
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Low thermal expansion


  • High cost
  • Requires specialist manufacturing
  • Tends toward catastrophic failure

Manufacture and fabrication

There is a video below showing the manufacture of carbon fibre but a quick summary is due here. Carbon fibre is made from woven strands of carbon fibre tow. These are super fine thread of carbon fibre gather into a single string, this is then woven into the familiar interlocking pattern of the fabric which is then set in place with a resin. This setting is done on a custom basis there are a few part which may be mass produced such as sheets but most carbon fibre parts are made for purpose.

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[three_first]carbon fiber thumbCarbon fiber is perhaps most often seen on cars due to it’s high strength, rigidity and low weight

carbon fiber hockey stickCarbon fiber also finds a lot of uses in sporting goods for much the same reasons.

carbon fiber collar bone Carbon fiber is also gaining traction as an alternative implant as it does not react biologically.  [/three_third]


How strong is carbon fiber?

The video above gives a bit of background into what carbon fiber is and  shows you exactly how strong it is in comparison.


What’s the shaping process?

The process of shaping carbon fiber is labor intensive or requires specialist equipment and training to fabricate on a large scale.

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