The Brand Gap Book Review

This wonderfully condensed overview of branding is a masterpiece. The information is quick, targeted and easy to follow, I plowed through this in an afternoon and it educated me to no end.



This book was written by Marty Neumeire and reflects on true meaning of a brand and how best to construct that. The book does not explain the process of producing a brand directly instead explaining the five key factors that make up branding to enable you to troubleshoot your own brand.

The book gives a detailed account of each of these values, not just from the perspective of the company but explaining how a customers sees these values as well. It also has a list simple tricks and tests to avoid the major screw ups and improve creative thinking about the brand all the while giving examples of where current branding has failed or succeeded and how the the various could have been identified.

It heavily purports the need for creativity and strategy to come together to form a strong identity. The argument is that though most companies have the necessary skills in their company each group is separated from the other. It doesn’t just say that this merger should happen either it explains some of the options available to companies and uses real world examples to back this up.

Writing Style

The whole book reads easily and though it does not explain an exact process to accomplish these goals it does make me appreciate the core values. It was meant to follow a similar style to that of a boardroom presentation as does well to keep that with a strong typographical style which really makes this book a joy to read. The writing is nice and punchy and the visuals hold my attention well. It is sometime to brief on a subject I’d like to know more on but as the book exists in this condensed form I can hardly blame it and it always provides more than enough information to go searching for more elsewhere.


I would really recommend this book to those designers who are more business minded and it’s discussion on logo’s and identity are also relevant to graphic designers. It’s suitable for everyone, from a novice to an expert even if they only appreciate how succinctly this amount of knowledge can be presented. Mainly what this book did was make me understand how difficult it is to have a strong brand value, making me appreciate the need to blend with any brand I work with.


A good slideshow with most of the books content can be found here.


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